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We Care

We are here to inspire & we truly believe in giving back as a higher purpose. In loving memory to our founders mother „Karin“ we donate a part of our income to help people in need.

 We want to use our platform to build a strong community who shares the same values as we do. It’s beyond simply donating money. By supporting charitable projects & organizations we want to raise awareness for certain issues, help create a better community for everyone and show social responsibility.

We are currently looking for a new foundation/ project that we can support.



Previous Donation


With our very first collection we supported Sandra from Munich. Sandra is 18 years old and had bone cancer. In January 2020, she received the diagnosis - a high-grade osteosarcoma in her left thigh. After the diagnosis, she started the conventional medical treatment in form of a strong chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, Sandra didn´t tolerate the treatment and therefore had to stop therapy. She then continued to receive private medical treatment. During this time she fell twice and has been on crutches ever since. Due to the accident, the tumor in her leg broke through and slipped. Further examinations revealed that the tumor has progressed so far that the only option available is an amputation of Sandra´s left leg. 

Luckily, Sandra found a private clinic that offered a special treatment where the leg can be preserved. Unfortunately, the treatment there is not covered by health insurance, which is why Sandra and her family were looking for donations.   

We are very happy to announce that Sandra has successfully completed the therapy and is cancer free.


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