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Über uns

About us

Notes by K is a sustainable, urban lifestyle brand from Munich. Our garments are produced in Portugal and Turkey and our accessories hand-crafted in Germany. While the roots of our unisex brand are found in classic sportswear, our collection is an everyday luxury, for anyone who wants to feel confident, strong and empowered. Notes by K is more than just loungewear. Our tailoring, colors and unique all-over prints are suited to a modern lifestyle of combining comfort with individuality and elegance. We are not fast fashion, but a forever staple. With using only high quality, sustainable materials, we are making sure that our garments are here to last.

At Notes by K we believe in giving back. We believe in taking care of each other and the environment. And we believe in supporting causes that are important to us. That is why Notes by K is lovingly dedicated to our founder’s mother Karin, whose values and interests are reflected in every fibre of Notes by K. Therefore we will permanently donate a portion of each purchase to people that need help.


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